Hosted applications are programs and services that are provided over the Internet. Typically, these applications would otherwise have to be located on personal or enterprise computers. The companies that provide these applications are known as Application Service Providers or ASPs. McKim Tuohey Studio is one such company, providing its popular filematrix for use over the Internet. filematrix enables you to manage your file transfers and collaborate with clients and associates.

To host this application, McKim Tuohey Studio uses state of the art file servers. Users of hosted applications usually pay on a subscription basis, "renting" these "apps on tap" for a certain period of time. Because little of the setup or administration of hosted applications occurs on the user, or client portion of the system, they require less money and effort to deploy and maintain. Additionally, because the majority of data processing occurs on McKim Tuohey Studio's server side of the system, computers that operate hosted applications have lower system requirements, thereby extending their life span.

In hosted applications, most of the processing occurs on the ASP's server computer. As a result, you may experience a small degree of "latency" while using filematrix. Latency is a slight lag or delay that is due to the transmission of data across the Internet.

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